Japan Prepaid SIM Card | 15 Day | Unlimited Data


  • Valid for 15 Days
  • Data only (Unlimited 4G Data)
  • Hotspot/Tethering enabled
  • 3 in 1 Multi SIM (Nano/Micro/Standard)
  • Japan wide coverage on the Softbank network


  • Self activating plug and play SIM
  • Calls and SMS not available (We recommend using VoIP apps)
  • For handset use only


Q.How do I activate this SIM?
A.Upon arrival in Japan, insert the SIM card, configure the APN (Android only). Then switch on Roaming. The SIM will automatically pick up Softbank's cellular signal. Once this occurs, the SIM has been successfully activated.
Q.Can I make calls with this SIM?
A.No, this SIM is data only. To make calls and send texts, we suggest using VoIP apps such Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook Chat, Wechat, Skype etc. (Handy Note* Voice SIMs can only be purchased in Japan by providing proof of residence.)
Q.Is there any data speed restrictions on this SIM, can I use this SIM for unlimited downloads/uploads?
A.There is no data restrictions, however we recommend using the Softbank SIM for travel usage. Eg. google maps, emails, social media browsing, web browsing, VoIP calls/texts etc. Softbank Japan have a fair use policy, and we do not recommend using this SIM for data heavy tasks (especially during peak travel seasons).


Please only configure the APN upon arrival in Japan. Do not configure the APN when you still have your Australian SIM plugged in as the APN will be pointing to the Softbank network. Once you return from Japan, simply delete the installed APN configuration from your phone.
  • If your handset is dual SIM, ensure only the Softbank SIM is inserted in the primary SIM slot of your handset.
  • Enable Data Roaming and 3G/4G/LTE Data
iPhone APN Setup
Plug & Play (no APN configuration required for iPhones).
Android APN Setup (Configure within Network Settings)
1.Go to (settings) on your phones home screen,
2.Tap on (connections),
3.Tap on (more connections), and then (mobile networks),
4.Tap on (access point names), then tap on the (+) sign to create a new APN. If the (+) is not there, select (create new apn),
5.Create a new APN with the following details, then hit save
APN: plus.4g
Name: jp
Username: plus
Password: 4g
Please reboot your phone after the APN has been installed.


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