Japan SIM Card User Guide

Step 1. Before You Fly to Japan

  • 1.1 Prior to your travels, we recommend you check that the handset you intend to use is unlocked from your Australian carrier. If your handset is still locked, your SIM card will not work.
  • 1.2 Check if your phone has any existing APN Profiles (Access Point Names), and delete them. If existing APN profiles are still installed when you use your Japan SIM, data will not flow through as there will be a conflict.
iPhones - existing APN profiles may be found in Settings - General - Profiles
Androids - existing APN profiles may be found in Settings - Cellular Network - Access Point Names
*Protip - Before you jet off to Japan, make sure to download offline maps from the Google Maps App and save them to your phone. This will ensure you still can navigate offline in the event you cannot get connected or you are in a poor network area whilst in Japan. To download maps for offline use - Open the google maps App, make sure you're signed in, then search and set your intended beginning (eg Airport) & ending destination (eg your hotel). At the bottom, tap the name or the address of the place, tap the 3 dots on the top right, then tap "Save Offline Map".

Step 2. Arrival in Japan

  • 2.1 Upon arrival in Japan, pop out the required size Japan SIM card, and insert it in your Phone, then switch your phone on.
  • 2.2 Go to Network Settings and switch on "Mobile Data" and "Roaming".  
  • 2.3 If you're using an iPhone - your SIM should activate, and receive cellular reception - if not, check step 1.2 then reboot your phone.
  • 2.4 APN Configuration (Android Only)
1. Go to settings on your phones home screen,
2. Tap on connections,
3. Tap on more connections, and then mobile networks,
4. Tap on access point names, then tap on the (+) sign to create a new APN. If the (+) is not there, select (create new apn),
5. Create a new APN with the following details, then hit save
APN: plus.4g.  Name: jp    
Username: plus  Password: 4g
6. Reboot your phone after the APN has been installed.
7. Your SIM should activate and receive cellular reception - if not, check step 1.2 and 2.2 then reboot your phone.
*Note - SoftBank Japan monitors how you use data for fair use. We do not recommend using the Japan SIM card for high bandwidth tasks. Ie downloading or streaming content (watching Netflix/youtube). Data restrictions may apply during periods of high network congestion. Please use Wifi for content streaming.

Help Centre - Troubleshoot

If you have followed steps 1 and 2 but still can't get connected or you're experiencing connections problems. It's time to contact us for support. Our team is always happy to help. To help us diagnose any issues and get you connected faster. Please have some information ready:
  • Your order number
  • Where you're located in Japan
  • What model phone you're using
  • Screenshots of your network Settings, and APN (if applicable)
  • Your SIM card number printed on your SIM (begins with 89)

Once you have the required info ready. You can reach out to us via live chat on our website, or contacting us via email at: hello@prepaidsims.com.au