All about our Prepaid International SIM cards and how it will help you save on your next trip.

Who should use a Prepaid Travel SIM Card?

Our International Prepaid SIM cards are suitable for anyone travelling overseas that require reliable and cost effective network coverage at all times. Our SIMs cover over 100 destinations around the world. It doesn't matter if you're solo backpacking, on a family holiday, or an important business trip. We've got the right SIM for you!

With a Prepaid SIM card, you can enjoy the same great features and benefits as locals the moment your flight lands. And best of all, you won't pay a cent more than a local would to enjoy the same features and benefits of your Prepaid Travel SIM. 

What are the features and benefits? 


No Hidden Charges 

Our Prepaid Travel SIM cards are all contract and obligation free. There's absolutely NO roaming fees or ongoing charges to enjoy the included data, calls & SMS allowances in each SIM. 


Feature Packed

Our Prepaid Travel SIM cards come from the countries you're traveling to. You can enjoy the same data, call & SMS allowances that locals have access to.


Safe and Secure

Our Prepaid Travel SIM cards come with their own destination specific phone numbers. You won't have to use your Aussie phone number. Keeping your personal information safe whilst abroad.



Can be Discarded

Once your Prepaid Travel SIM reaches expiry, you can simply remove it from your phone and throw it away. There are no further requirements to cancel accounts.




A Prepaid Travel SIM is a SIM card where the included data, call, and SMS allowances are pre-loaded and is free from a lock in contract.

This means that there are no hidden fees/charges associated with each SIM to use the featured data, call, and SMS allowances.


Our Prepaid SIMs are sourced from some of the largest telecommunications providers from across the world.

This means you'll be able to use the same SIM cards as the locals do and communicate without restrictions.

Some of our network partners are:Softbank - Japan,Three - UK & Europe,2Degrees - New Zealand,T-Mobile - North America



  • (Most Expensive/Most Stress) Using your Aussie SIM card with international roaming. Using international roaming can cost you an arm and a leg and you will be putting your personal information at risk whilst abroad. (avoid using your Aussie SIM card with international roaming, especially if you're on a contract.)
  • (Less Expensive/High Stress) Purchasing a local SIM card upon arrival of your trip. A good alternative to international roaming is to purchase a local SIM card upon arrival at your destination. However, this sometimes can be stressful, especially after a long haul flight with minimal rest. Overseas Telcos constantly change their offers, it's hard to know you're getting the best deal. Not to mention if you use your Aussie credit card to purchase, there will be hidden bank charges. On top of this, if something goes wrong, you won't get your money back!
  • (Least Expensive/No Stress) Buying a Prepaid SIM from us. The best solution is to purchase a Country specific Prepaid Travel SIM card before leaving Australia. We have sourced the best featured packed local SIMs from destinations around the world. As savvy travellers ourselves, we've jumped through all the hurdles so you don't have to. On top of this we also protect our customers from poor experiences with a 100% money back promise. 


As long as your phone/tablet is unlocked they should be compatible with our prepaid SIMs. For exact compatibility, please view the product specific details. If your handset is more than 7 years old, please contact us for advice on compatibility.

If you think your phone/tablet is locked, we recommend contacting your Aussie carrier for unlocking.

If your phone/tablet has been issued to you from your employer, please check with them for compatibility as some work devices have additional security applications installed.


Our Prepaid SIMs come in a 3 in 1 Combo SIM size. That's right standard/micro/nano all in one. You simply need to pop the required sized SIM out and insert it into your phone/tablet.



Yes you can order a SIM prior to flying and we'll have the SIM delivered to you before you fly



Our website features many Prepaid Travel SIM cards covering over 100+ travel destinations. Simply choose your destination, and the SIM/s suiting your travels will be shown.

From there, check if the allowances (Data/Calls/SMS) suit your requirements (Most likely they will). 

Next provide your Country arrival date and add the SIM to Cart. Then proceed to checkout to select your preferred delivery and payment method.


Domestic Deliveries

All orders are dispatched from Melbourne and carried out by Australia Post Australia wide. Orders placed prior to 3PM AEST will be dispatched same business day. We offer 2 postage options. If you require a SIM urgently, we recommend placing your order with Express Post.

Free Standard Post: 4-7 Business Days

Express Post $7: 1-2 Business Days

Upon placing an order, you will receive an order confirmation email from us. Once your order has been dispatched by our team, you will receive a confirmation of dispatch email along with the tracking number for your order. You can then track your order by clicking the tracking number in the email.  

International Deliveries

All international SIM card orders are shipped from Melbourne, Australia via Registered International Post. All international SIM card orders come with signature on delivery.

International Post: $15: 8-14 Business Days 



Our customer support team is always available to assist with any enquiries you may have. You can live chat with us via our website, or email us directly at: