Basics of Travel Hacking

Travel hacking may sound like you’re working as some undercover spy while doing shady things to get discounted or free flights, accommodation, and more.

But the truth is, it’s perfectly legal, and not as complicated as you may think!

What Is Travel Hacking?

The word ‘hacking’ often makes you think of someone in a black hoodie at a computer, illegally accessing private and sensitive information. But, ‘travel hacking’ is basically being knowledgeable about the rules of Airlines, Credit Card Companies, and Hotels, then taking advantage of them.

With travel hacking, you can enjoy free travel and earn free flights, accommodation, and various upgrades.

Even if you aren’t rich, you can travel the world, and enjoy first-class upgrades, free nights in hotels, and more.

How To Get Started With Travel Hacking

Best of all, you don’t have to invest a heap of time, or change your routine to get started!

You also don’t have to be a member of some secret organisation or have code words or hidden handshakes with airline staff.

Anyone can get started with relatively little effort or experience. Without dedicating a considerable amount of time and energy to research, you can be earning free flights and stays in hotels before you know it.

Join Frequent Flyer Programs

In Australia, there are many frequent flyer programs you can join. It can take weeks to go through them all. To get started, the best programs for Aussies are:

Qantas Frequent Flyer

Velocity Frequent Flyer

Sign up for both. You can earn points on eligible flights with your credit card and banking by shopping at any of the hundreds of approved partners. Everything from grocery shopping to paying your utilities can earn points, which you can redeem towards discounted travel and free flights.

Sign Up For a Credit Card With Rewards

Signing up for a rewards credit card lets you earn points also, which you can then redeem for free travel. The trick is to pay for everything on your rewards card. Later pay off the balance off at the end of each month to avoid any interest.

There are hundreds of different cards available. First, check to see what rewards card your local bank has to offer. Both Qantas and Virgin both have rewards cards too, which you should compare to your bank.

Rewards cards do have annual fees, but they more than pay for themselves each year. Every little bit counts and you’ll be amazed at how many points you can rack up by simply being smart with how your money moves around.

Resist the urge to exchange points for cash back or product rewards. Dollar for dollar, exchanging points for flights and accommodation is much more worth it.

Hotel Rewards Programs

There are many hotel chains which offer you rewards and free nights, or significant discounts as a member based on the number of nights you book. offers a free night of accommodation for every 10 nights you book. offers a “Genius Program.” Instead of booking a certain number of nights to get a free night, instead offers an automatic 10-15% discount to members on certain hotels.

Avoid Roaming and Keep Your Phone Bill Down While Overseas

There isn’t much better feeling when travelling than enjoying a free flight or hotel! But in the excitement, it can be easy to overlook other essential travel planning.

Another travel hack is to use a Local Destination SIM card. At Prepaid Sims We offer local prepaid destination SIM cards for hundreds of the world’s best destinations, including the USA, Japan, New Zealand, and Europe and much more.

Best of all is they are prepaid. So you know upfront; exactly how much you’re going to pay, the features & allowances that are included. And most importantly, you will never ever receive any unexpected roaming expenses on your phone bill when you return from a trip of a lifetime!

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