7 Hacks To Save Money On USA Travel

Everything is bigger in the USA, but your travel budget doesn’t have to be! From the breathtaking Grand Canyon to Times Square and the Statue of Liberty in New York City, America has some of the most vibrant cities and iconic landmarks in the world!

With the strong US dollar, prices are higher than in recent years for Aussie travellers. But with these 7 hacks, you can find the best ways to save money on USA Travel, and experience the trip of a lifetime!

1. Be Flexible With Your Destinations

It’s common for LA to be the first place that many Aussie travellers will first touch down in the US. But return flights from Melbourne or Sydney can be quite expensive.

Instead, consider booking a return trip flying to Honolulu airport. Jetstar offers great budget deals and regular Hawaii sales. Then book the next destination of your USA adventure using American domestic airlines.

Using Skyscanner or Kiwi , you can choose your departure location, dates, and set your destination to anywhere. Then sort by the lowest price, and base your itinerary around the cheapest flights between cities!

2. Shop Where The Locals Shop

With any tourist destination in the USA, along with it comes tourist prices. If you walk just 5 or 6 blocks away from the attractions, you will find the crowds disappear, and prices suddenly decrease.

You can get a delicious meal for less than half the amount you would pay in the heart of any tourist zone and skip the long lines.

3. Transport Between Cities

Instead of flying between cities, it may work out a lot cheaper to get a bus instead. Especially if you get an overnight bus, where you can get a good night’s sleep and save money on a nights accommodation costs.

Greyhound offers direct routes between cities with everyday low fares. Each bus has free Wi-Fi, individual power outlets and a heap of legroom to ensure a well-rested and comfortable journey.

You can also receive savings of up to 40% off concert tickets, sporting events and more.

4. Make Your Breakfast

This ones important. By making your breakfast instead of eating out each morning, it can add up saving you hundreds of dollars throughout your trip. Even better, try to find accommodation, which includes free breakfast each morning.

5. Use Public Transport

Instead of just getting an Uber or taxi, research the public transport of each destination. By getting a bus or the metro, you can arrive at your destination for under $5. Instead of paying up to $50 for a taxi or uber.

6. Consider Alternatives To Hotels

Hotels are often the most expensive accommodation type in the USA. As an alternative, consider booking with Airbnb or use HostelWorld to stay in a hostel. You can even book a private hostel room if you want some extra privacy.

If you’re adventurous and have a shoestring budget, you can try Couchsurfing and get an authentic local experience.

7. Get a USA Prepaid Sim Card Before You Leave Australia

Roaming charges for your phone bill can quickly add up before you know it while in America. Not to mention the hidden foreign exchange and bank fees when you buy SIMs in the States.

Don’t risk having to pay more than the cost of your holiday to your phone provider or bank! Instead, get a USA Prepaid SIM card delivered straight to your door before you leave and connect with freedom as soon as you arrive in the States.

PrepaidSims offer data only or data & call 30-day plans starting from $44. Stay connected stress-free with your choice of either AT&T or T-Mobile SIM cards.

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