How To Stick To Your Travel Budget

Saving to book and pay for a trip of a lifetime usually can take anywhere upwards of a year of hard work. Not to mention cutting back on expenses, and making every cent count. Your dream is about to come true, and it won’t be long before you’re sipping margaritas by the beach!

But the hard work is only just beginning. Travelling and sticking to a budget can be hard work for even seasoned travellers, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some of the best tips to help you stick to your travel budget like a boss.

1. Set A Daily Travel Budget Limit

While you most likely have a total travel budget, where many people go wrong is not breaking it down into a daily budget. Besides keeping you on track, it also eliminates that anxious feeling in the back of your mind about how much you’ve already spent!

If you plan to splurge on a luxury hotel, souvenirs or once-in-a-lifetime activities from time to time, you can then cut back on other days to make sure it balances out over your trip.

2. Use A Travel Budget App

Let’s be honest, keeping track of your expenses is rather boring. It’s not what many people have in mind while picturing their next paradise destination! Luckily, there are apps to help. 

TrabeePocket is an easy way to track your travel expenses and see how much you have spent, and have left. It’s available on both Android and iOS and allows multiple currency support, which you can convert to Aussie dollars.

3. Cut Back On Alcohol

It may sound like this takes all the fun out of any trip, but it can save you a considerable amount of money. Cut back on drinking at local pubs/night spots on your trip. Also, when you do go out for a drink, have 1 or 2 drinks less than usual. Over time, it all adds up and you can travel for weeks or even months longer on the same budget.

4. Get Used To Slow Travel

Being on a budget usually involves trying to choose between saving time or money. While on a long trip, it’s almost always better to save money! Instead of moving to new cities every 2-3 days, try slowing down and spending a week or more at a destination.

It helps you to save on transport costs, but also gives you a chance to immerse in the local culture, and find cheap and delicious local spots to eat and drink. Airbnb and some hostels also may offer weekly or monthly discounts too.

5. Catch Public Transport

Getting an Uber everywhere is convenient, but can eat into your budget fast. Instead, travel like the locals try to take public transport as much as possible. You can save up to 70-90% per trip, and often arrive at the same time or faster.

6. DIY Day Trips

While tours may seem like the most convenient way to see the sights, they are usually a lot more expensive than if you were to do it yourself. It may take some initial research, but you can have an adventure and see things your way, on your schedule, and avoid overcrowding.

It's all about confidence building, once you find the courage to do it all on your own, you won't want to stop.

7. Local Prepaid Sim Card

Using a local prepaid SIM card not only eliminates hidden roaming charges, but it also ensures you don’t have to allocate any money at all to your travel budget - as it’s all paid in advance before you even leave.

PrepaidSIMs offers a massive range of affordable and reliable SIM cards for most destinations in the world. Best of all, you get your SIMs in advance before you even fly. Take our Europe SIM cards for example, For only $37 you get 12GB of data, unlimited calls and texts to enjoy throughout Europe. This means you'll be able to start using your phone before you even leave the airport.

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