North America AT&T SIM Card | 30 Day | Unlimited Data

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North America AT&T SIM Card

Get your Prepaid North America AT&T SIM Card before leaving Australia. And connect like a local the moment you arrive at your destination.

What's included

  • Valid for 30 days
  • Unlimited 4G/5G Data to use in USA, Hawaii, Alaska
  • 25GB of 4G/5G data in Canada and Mexico
  • Unlimited free calls within USA, Hawaii, Canada, Alaska and Mexico
  • Unlimited international SMS to Australia and over 120 other Countries
  • Unlimited free incoming calls in North America
  • Plug & play 3 in 1 Multi SIM (Nano/Micro/Standard)
  • Optional 10GB of Tethering Data can be added for $10 (Tethering only available in the USA)
  • Comes with a USA mobile number
  • For use in mobile phones only
  • A SIM card user guide is included


USA, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Mexico


Click HERE to check if your phone is compatible with the AT&T network.

Your North America AT&T SIM card will be activated by us between 8AM - 11AM Los Angeles time (PST) on the "SIM Activation Date" you provide us. The activation date should be the same as your arrival date shown in your travel itinerary or 1 day earlier if you're arriving before 8AM Los Angeles time.

When you arrive at your destination, insert the SIM into your handset (switch on roaming if you're in Canada or Mexico). Once your handset picks up cellular reception, you will receive a welcoming activation message.

If your travel dates change or cancel, you need to notify us prior to the scheduled activation.


The USA mobile number for your USA SIM card is assigned after the SIM card has been activated. Once your SIM is activated, you will receive a welcoming SMS containing your USA mobile number.

If you would like to obtain your USA mobile number in advance of your travels, you have to specify an earlier activation date. Please note that the validity period begins from the date your USA mobile number is assigned


The North America AT&T SIM card cannot be recharged. We recommend purchasing multiple SIMs for extended coverage and staggering the use. 

For a USA SIM that can be recharged, see our 30 Day USA SIM Card


Data speeds may temporarily reduce during periods of network congestion in the location you're in. If you have used over 22GB of data, AT&T may de-prioritise your data speeds when the network is under strain.

AT&T does this to ensure all users can still stay connected if the network gets too busy.



With your North America Prepaid SIM card: you can make calls and send texts in and between any of the covered countries (as long as the number you're calling is a local number).

To call Canada ensure to use the +1 dial out code. And to call Mexico, ensure to use +52. No dial out code is required to make a local USA call.

Note: If the incorrect dial out codes are used, you will receive a nil balance/top up message - This is because the network does not recognise the location of the number you're dialling. It does not mean that you've run out of credit.

Calls & SMS to Australia

International calls to Australia are not included as a feature of this SIM. To make calls to Australia, we recommend using VoIP apps such as Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook Chat, Wechat, Skype etc.

To send SMS to Australia you must ensure to use the +61 dial out code followed by the Australian mobile number without the 0. Eg +61 430 XXX XXX.

Receiving calls & SMS from Australia

Your friends and family can call and text your assigned USA mobile number by dialling +1 XXX XXX XXX. However we always recommend 

using VoIP apps such as Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook Chat, Wechat, Skype etc where possible.  



We're a leading Australian travel business focused on bringing affordable telecommunication solutions for outbound Aussie travellers. Since our inception, we have helped over 20,000 Aussies connect like locals and save on roaming fees.



All of our products are Prepaid. The features and allowances on each of our Prepaid Travel SIMs are all disclosed upfront. So you know exactly what you're getting when you purchase and there are no hidden surprises later on.



All of our Prepaid Travel SIMs work in areas where cellular signal is available. At open sea, when you're outside range of network towers, cellular signal may be weak or not available. However coverage will be available closer to port.



Your phone/tablet needs to be unlocked. Click HERE to check if your phone is compatible with the AT&T network. If your handset is more than 7 years old, please contact us for advice on compatibility.

If you think your phone/tablet is locked, we recommend contacting your Aussie carrier for unlocking. If your phone/tablet has been issued to you from your employer, please check with them for compatibility as some work devices have additional security applications installed.


Domestic Deliveries

All orders are dispatched from Melbourne and carried out by Australia Post Australia wide. Orders placed prior to 3PM AEST will be dispatched same business day. We offer 2 postage options. If you require a SIM urgently, we recommend placing your order with Express Post.

Free Standard Post: 4-7 Business Days

Express Post $7: 1-2 Business Days

Upon placing an order, you will receive an order confirmation email from us. Once your order has been dispatched by our team, you will receive a confirmation of dispatch email along with the tracking number for your order. You can then track your order by clicking the tracking number in the email.  

International Deliveries

All international SIM card orders are shipped from Melbourne, Australia via Registered International Post. All international SIM card orders come

with tracking + signature on delivery.

International Express Post: $34: 7-12 Business Days 



Our customer support team is always available to assist with any enquiries you may have. You can live chat with us via our website, or email us directly at:


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